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Aantal lenzen / doos:: 3 Fabrikant: CooperVision Bekijk alle producten van: CooperVision
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Geldig vanaf 01-01-2021 naar 30-04-2021

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  Aantal Sterkte (PWR) Radius (BC) Diameter (DIA) Cilinder (CYL) As (Axis / AX)
Links (OS) 8.50 14.50
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€ 18,50

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Verwachtte Verzend datum
27 april 2021 - 04 mei 2021

Avaira Vitality Toric - contact lenses from Coopervision for persons with astigmatism. 3-pack.

Avaira Vitality Toric replacement contact lenses feature the latest-generation silicone hydrogel contact lens material. Its highly efficient structure maximizes the amount of water and water-loving ingredients in the lens for a softer, more comfortable wearing experience.

For astigmatism, Avaira Vitality toric contact lenses feature our Optimized Toric Lens Geometry. It ensures you get a stable fit and minimal lens movement. So, near or far, you'll enjoy high levels of comfort and clear vision throughout your day.


Fabrikant CooperVision
Materiaal Fanfilcon A
Zuurstofdoorlatendheid (Dk/t) 90
Siliconen Hydrogel Ja
dag en nacht contact lens Nee
Aantal lenzen / pakket 3
UV-bescherming Ja
Draagtijd 1 maand (dagelijkse schoonmaak), 1-2 weken (dagelijkse schoonmaak)
Watergehalte (%) 55%