How to put in and take out your contact lenses

This article will help you put in and remove your contact lenses safely and hygienically.

How to put in contact lenses in 4 easy steps

Putting in contact lenses for the first time can seem difficult, and most people struggle with it at first. But, once you get the hang of it, putting in your contacts is easy and simple. We'll show you how to do it!

1. Wash your hands

Wash your hands with soap, contact lenses

Wash your hands with soap, then rinse and dry your hands with a clean towel or an air dryer.

• The soap should preferably be a non-perfumed, anti-bacterial liquid soap.
• The towel should be a lint-free towel.
• Do not use paper towels or toilet paper, which may leave pieces behind.

2. Check your lens

A damaged contact lens must be thrown away.

Remove one contact from its case. Unless the prescription is the same for both eyes, remember to check whether the lens is for your right or left eye. Put the lens on the tip of your index finger and hold it up to the light: - Check for any tears, rips or bits of debris - if you notice dust or debris, rinse with lens solution. A damaged lens must be thrown away.

- Check that the lens isn't inside out - hold it up to the light. The lens should have a bowl shape with straight edges (or look like a sphere cut in half). If it has a lip (the edges flare out) it means it’s inside out.

Some lenses have a 1, 2, 3 indicator; Make sure the digits aren’t backwards. If the lens is inside out then simply flip the edges around to get your contact lens ready to use.

• Always start with the same eye to avoid mixing up your two contacts.
• Put the lens on the skin of your finger, not the nail of your fingertip.

3. Prevent blinking

With your free hand, pull the top eyelid up (hold your upper eyelid in place so that you don’t blink and get your eyelashes in the way ).
Use the free fingers in the hand with the contact lens already on to pull your lower lid down

4. Put the lens

Watching the mirror, gently move your index finger towards the centre of your eye and place the contact lens directly onto the centre of the eyeball. If you prefer, you can also put the lens onto the white of the eye just below the centre of the eyeball. Once the lens is in place, before releasing your eyelids, move your eyes from side to side (helps to centre the contact lens) and then close both eyes, to remove any air bubbles trapped under the lens. Slowly release your eyelids and blink slowly a few times and/or close your eye for a moment to allow the lens to settle. If you feel any pain, irritation or discomfort remove the lens from your eye and check for damage or debris. If the lens is damaged, then throw it away. Otherwise, use contact lens solution to rinse the lens and reinsert it.


• If the tip of your finger is wet, the lens may stick to your fingertip instead of your eye. You can dry your finger on your wrist, it will help so that the lens will release easily.
• if your eye is dry, the lens may not stick to it. Putting a drop or two of  rewetting drops in your eyes might help before you put the lens again.
• It may help to look upwards when you put the lens. You do not have to press the lens onto your eye – it will go into place on its own.


Always store your reusable contact lenses in contact lens solution. Contact lens solution cleans, rinses and desinfects your lenses.

Never rinse your contact lenses or lens case with tap water.

How to take out your contact lenses in 6 easy steps

STEP 1: Thoroughly wash and dry your hands with soap and a clean towel.

STEP 2: Look up at the ceiling and pull down your lower eye lid.

Tip: To avoid mixing up your contact lenses, always apply (and remove) them in the same order.

STEP 3: Bring your index finger close to your eye until you touch the lower edge of the lens.

STEP 4: Slide the lens down to the lower white part of your eye.

STEP 5: Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger and remove it.

STEP 6: Remove the other lens following the same procedure.