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Aantal lenzen / doos:: 90 Fabrikant: Alcon (Cibavision) Bekijk alle producten van: Alcon (Cibavision)
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Geldig vanaf 01-05-2021 naar 31-08-2021

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Verwachtte Verzend datum
09 augustus 2021 - 10 augustus 2021

Precision 1 Dailies 90-pack are daily replacement contact lenses from Alcon, designed to provide lasting visual performance for patients who wear their contact lenses from early morning to late at night.  The Precision1 lenses uses a new silicone hydrogel material, verofilcon A.

Precision 1 is designed to be a mid-tier option between its Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus and Dailies Total1 lines of contact lenses. Based on the "DAILIES TOTAL1" contact lenses, Alcon created the PRECISION1 contact lenses with SMARTSURFACE Technology that delivers a permanent layer of moisture on the lens surface. This will help your contacts from drying out and your eyes feeling sore at the end of the day.  The technology is similar to Dailies Total1, but involves a new manufacturing process which allows Alcon to produce contact lenses more quickly and cost efficiently.

These lenses have a microthin layer of moisture (~2-4 microns), that steps up from 51% water content at the core to greater than 80% at the outer surface of the lens.

Precision 1 lenses also have a Class 1 UV blocker protection.

Advantages of the Precision 1 lenses are:
• precise vision
• Longer-lasting lens surface moisture
• Supports a stable tear film for precise vision
• Class 1 UV blocker (≥90% of UVA, ≥99% of UVB)

Fabrikant Alcon (Cibavision)
Materiaal Verofilcon A
Zuurstofdoorlatendheid (Dk/t) 100
Siliconen Hydrogel Ja
dag en nacht contact lens Nee
Aantal lenzen / pakket 90
UV-bescherming Ja
Draagtijd 1 dag
Watergehalte (%) 51%